The vision: People and communities connecting and thriving through strategic, creative, thoughtful and compassionate communication

Strategy and creativity coming together to be a force for good. A guide, a translator, a creative conduit to successful communications, ensuring the success of purpose-driven organisations and individuals for the benefit of their communities.

What if we took a bigger view, and adopted a perspective beyond the transactional? Aiming for lasting impact and acting with kindness.

Intent Creative was born out of a desire to harness strategy and creativity to aid the success of purpose-driven organisations and individuals striving for positive health and social impacts.

Small, adaptable and dedicated, Intent Creative is an award winning* studio that tailors services to suit each strategic or creative challenge. These challenges, like humans, come in all shapes and sizes – there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. This belief is reflected in the care and attention brought to each and every project.

*Winner – Transform awards ANZ – Gold: Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition, Bronze: Best visual identity from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector

Design nerd, cloud-spotter, big-hearted creative

Hello! I’m Lisa Burns, founder of Intent Creative. Here you’ll find out a little bit about me – my purpose, what get’s me up in the morning, and how I can help you.

Design nerd

There’s something just so satisfying about making complex things simple. Design, brand strategy and branding are often misunderstood, and when done well, they are barely noticeable. That’s when things work. When all the minutiae comes together with the bigger picture and it’s seamless. The intended audience resonates with what you’re trying to say, and the message is clear and consistent, regardless of the method of delivery.

“Lisa is my go-to for all things brand strategy. She brought my personal brand to life, along with many of my clients by finding the gems. Lisa has a thoughtful process that guides you through your brand elements, linking them to your business goals. The end result is a stand-out brand that you’ll be excited about for many years to come.” Amy Annetts, Marketing Strategist, Amy Annetts Marketing.

Over 20 years’ worth of experience has enabled me to build both a broad and deep knowledge base in branding, design and complementary fields. I take great pride in producing high-quality, thoughtful and intelligent creative work with the foresight needed to ensure a smooth project completion. I work strategically and collaboratively with clients, always striving to find the best possible solution.

Team nerds

It takes a village to raise a child and in this instance I’m am honoured to collaborate with some of the most dedicated, highly skilled people you could wish for. Super smart marketing pros, highly talented designers with razor-sharp attention to detail, word-wielding wordsmiths, and strategists that challenge me to go deeper, think bigger. Intent Creative could not exist without the village and I am and will always be eternally grateful for those that choose to collaborate with me.


I am surrounded by intelligent, kind and big-hearted people. The people I love chose to serve others. Until retirement, my Dad was a physiotherapist and my Mum was a nurse and the impact of witnessing my parents selflessly help others, both in their vocations and in the community, had a profound impact. As a result, I have always been driven to “use my powers for good”.

My empathy runs deep and I am an advocate for all humans. I believe in inclusiveness. I’m always striving to do what I can within my abilities to make life easier for people who are in need of help.

I have two beautiful, funny, caring and empathetic little humans of my own and I’m doing what I can to ensure their future is one filled with kindness, acceptance and joy.

In relation to this and to efforts towards a better future for my little ones, I would like to give special mention to the Pat Cronin Foundation, whom I strongly support, and the good work they do. The Pat Cronin Foundation was formed by Pat’s family after their son was a victim of a coward punch attack resulting in Pat’s death. The Foundation honours Pat by providing an optimistic voice to awareness, education and research about the coward punch. The Pat Cronin Foundation is dedicated to helping people feel empowered to make change through wise decisions. The Cronin family’s strength and drive for change is nothing short of remarkable.

Cloud spotter

To conclude with what get’s me up in the morning, it’s the opportunity to witness the sunrise and take a step back, watching the play of light and the beautiful shapes of clouds forming and changing. I’m an early bird and most mornings you’ll find me watching the world wake up and taking time to gain perspective.

To quote The Cloud Appreciation Society‘s (of which I am a member), beautifully inspiring Manifesto:

We think that they (clouds) are Nature’s poetry, and the most egalitarian of her displays, since everyone can have a fantastic view of them.

We pledge to fight ‘blue-sky thinking’ wherever we find it. Life would be dull if we had to look up at cloudless monotony day after day.

All the images of clouds you’ll find here on this website are taken by myself and I hope they give you a moment of pause, reflection and inspiration too.

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